Philosophy of Lighting Design

The most successful projects are a compilation of efforts of all parties involved. Lighting design may only be a single element, however it is a critical one that helps create and accentuate the balance in space, form, color and texture using multiple controlled layers of light that can mask and/or reveal the unique character of each project while still accommodating the end-user’s needs. Lighting design is a very specific field that is a study in the mix of engineering and aesthetics meant to be incorporated into, enhance, and bring out the most of the architecture and interiors. It is a balanced study in creativity, the psychology of perception, engineering and the understanding of the surrounding environment. Our professional experience, education, and passion for this specialty field drives our creativity in designing visually enhanced and functional spaces. We provide custom lighting design consulting and solutions that encompass the personal, luxury, comfort, entertainment, character, and lifestyle requirements of each client and project. Our group collaboration and design process ensures that all options are explored and reviewed so that the best techniques and solutions complement each space and element. Our easy-to-follow documentation is provided throughout the design process which enables all parties visualize the concepts and end results.

Custom Design Chandeliers